CHOOSEICORN: A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Unicorn Game!

Start Your Adventure!

Congratulations, fatal user. You have chosen ASH, which, quite possibly, was the absolute worst choice you ever could've made. You are running from your terrible past. Are you sure that you want to know it?

Absolutely sure?

Okay then. This is not a happy story. You were born on an island volcano, living happily with your family. One day, however, it exploded, and as you fled you were hit with a piece of burning rock. You raced to the water, diving in, holding one hoof to your eye, getting tossed about by the waves until you finally washed up on a new island, where everyone regarded you with a strange look. Finally, you looked into the water that took you from your home, seeing the massive, ugly scar across the right side of your face. Everyone shunned you because of the scar. You were told this wasn't a happy choice. You cover the scar in a sheet, leading the other unicorns to believe that you are evil, especially with your ghostlike fur and pet pumpkin, who is really your best friend. No one else understands you. You then take refuge in the dark forest, where your story begins...

You are skulking dramatically through the woods, as is your custom, when you come across a pony wandering through the trees, head pointed at the ground, sniffing at leaves in a way that is for too careful for her to be simply grazing. You skulk ever more dramatically, hoping she will notice you and scream or something else entertaining. It gets lonely out in the woods all by yourself. Unfortunately, when she does see you she just smiles and greets you in a neigh(haha)bourly fashion, then continues staring at leaves and humming to herself.

You are disgusted, and have to wonder if your creepy vibe is losing its edge. You retreat to a nice shadow and hope that your red glowing eyese will be enough to warrant some kind of response. Eventually, she does turn to you curiously.

"Did you need something, dear?" You look on from the shady spot, horrified. In that moment, you are reminded of your mother, who was always kind and nice, unlike the awful unicorns on this strange new land. Even the pumpkin was never this nice to you. You are about to say something, maybe make your first real connection with another unicorn.

Suddenly, another unicorn busts into the clearing. You take a step back, recognizing this one as that spoiled little brat of a crown prince. He begs for help from the other unicorn, like a wuss, and you fade back into the trees, angry. You were about to make a friend, and he stole that from you. The two unicorns set off towards the palace, but you are curious about what will happen. Perhaps if you follow them, you might even have that chance with the female unicorn.
Follow the unicorns to the palace. Head deeper into the forest to be alone and emo.