CHOOSEICORN: A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Unicorn Game!

Start Your Adventure!

OOOOOOHHHHHHH! Yay! What an excellent choice! You have chosen Marietta, a kind and friendly unicorn who loves to help other people! You live in a small town, a little village with hardly five hundred unicorns always running around and getting hurt. Luckily, though, you have a very special gift. You can heal people! How cool is that? With just a touch of your super magic horn, they'll be cured. However, your magic does have a limit, and can't heal big things. To counteract this, you just need to gather some herbs every so often and enchant them to have special healing magic. After all, your main goal in life it to help others. In fact, that's where your story begins, in the market stalls of your village, helping to heal all the poor sick and hurt children...

You walk throughout the stalls, looking around from someone to get injured so you can heal them. It's not that you want people to get hurt, no, no, of course not, but you like to feel useful. You're just kind and helpful like that. As you walk, you see that a small foal has injured its hoof, so you gracefully bend down and touch your magic horn to the tiny child's hoof.

Immediately, you feel the magic swirling around you, something that no one can see but that you can feel. It's amazing, really, and you love the euphoria. The magic power flows through you, from your own hoof, where you can imagine the scrape on yourself, through your body until it all ends up at the tip of your horn. The tiny bit of magic travels from you to the child, and in the blink of an eye, it's healed.

"Thank you!" The foal says, and you smile, a real smile. You love to help people. You love the feeling of helping people. You love feeling the magic when you're helping people. So you smile back and you nod, and you continue on your way, hearing some random shouting behind you. You think it's weird, but don't really care. After all, you're all about helping people.

You make your way into the forest, but suddenly you hear something behind you. It's Jim! The crown prince! Everyone knows who he is. You now have to make a choice. But you know in your heart that you have to let him go. His father is sick. The king of the land is almost dead. You feel it in your bones, the same feeling that allows you to help so many. If you disappear into the woods, he'll go back with the messenger to be with his father on his deathbed.

If you let yourself be found, you'll both be too late, but you can sense that something may go terrible wrong if you don't help.

Which do you choose?
Let yourself be found by him. Hide, so he goes to be with his father.