CHOOSEICORN: A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Unicorn Game!

Start Your Adventure!

You have chosen JIM. Ah, Jim. You're the prince now. You have everything that you could possibly wish for, from riches to friends to soft pillows. But, you've always felt like something was lacking in your life, but you never knew what it was. In addition, your Uncle Smarmy the Third has always seemed a bit strange. Like, where is Uncle Smarmy the First? What about the Second? You don't really want to think hard about stuff and you trust him, but lately, things have been getting a bit strange around the palace, which is where your story begins...

You're wandering around the palace in search of something to do. Your father has been getting older and more frail for a while, but you don't think very much of it. However, recently he's been getting sicker and sicker. Suddenly, the thought strikes you that he might be in danger of departing for the great pasture in the sky that is the final destination of all unicorns. You want to talk to someone about this, and walk past your Uncle Smarmy the Third. You look into his eyes and are frightened by what you see there: Anger, malice, and greed.

How exactly does the inheritance system work? Who's next in line for the throne if your father dies? You realize that YOU are! You look back at your uncle and see that he knows it too, though - if your father bites the dust, you, the great Prince Jim, will be the only one standing between Smarmy and the throne he so covets! Besides, ruling sounds like a great amount of work. Though the best healers in the land are tending to your father, you know it might not be enough. Your first choice has one clear answer: You set off on a quest to find someone to cure him, so that neither you nor Smarmy has to take the throne.

You find yourself in a market a few days later looking for the source of a rumor about a powerful unicorn born with incredible healing powers handed down by the Unicorns Above. You stop by the stall of a pony selling herbs, thinking that you could make a nice refreshing tea. After all, who doesn't love tea? To your astonishment, as you are moving forward to make your purchase, the pony touches a random foal with her horn. You are initially horrified- in royal society, touching horns with anyone is a dueling offense! (Duels, of course, involve slamming the horns together until one breaks...) However, the child seems fine with the breach of privacy, and you witness as it shakes out its hoof and thanks the storekeeper for healing the scrape that it had incurred.

This pony must be the mystical healer for whom you searched! You leap forawrd, forgetting your herbs, but at that very moment you hear someone calling your glorious, regal name.

"JIM!" It is a royal messenger, bearing awful news. Your father's death is at hand, and he is begging to see his beloved son. You turn back, and the healer is gone, walking towards the woods! You are torn between two choices. Whatever shall you do? The FATE of the ENTIRE WORLD depends on YOU!!!!!

Leave the messenger behind and go try to locate the healer! Leave the healer behind to be at your father's side in his final minutes.